California Vehicle Code § 21454 - Lane use control signals placed over individual lanes

When lane use control signals are placed over individual lanes, those signals shall indicate and apply to drivers of vehicles as follows:

(a) Green indication: A driver may travel in any lane over which a green signal is shown.

(b) Steady yellow indication: A driver is thereby warned that a lane control change is being made.

(c) Steady red indication: A driver shall not enter or travel in any lane over which a red signal is shown.

(d) Flashing yellow indication: A driver may use the lane only for the purpose of making a left turn to or from the highway.

(Stats.1959, c. 3, p. 1675, § 21454. Amended by Stats.1959, c. 1342, p. 3615, § 1; Stats.1961, c. 1727, p. 3737, § 1; Stats.1965, c. 183, p. 1150, § 1; Stats.1973, c. 228, p. 612, § 2, operative July 1, 1974; Stats.1975, c. 529, p. 1095, § 1; Stats.1977, c. 1017, p. 3053, § 4, eff. Sept. 23, 1977; Stats.1981, c. 413, p. 1610, § 7.)


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