Attorneys Serving ALL California Traffic Courts


T he attorneys at California Ticket King are expert traffic ticket, misdemeanor, DUI and felony defense lawyers.  We dismiss tickets in every California courthouse!  Our  services are efficient and cost effective.  If you have a ticket or serious criminal charge, the only team to call is California Ticket King. 

California's Best Traffic Team

There are many advantages to hiring an attorney at California Ticket King:

  • You don't have to go to court.  Most cases do not require your presence and we will be there to fight your case.  
  • Experience.  Our attorneys devote their time to traffic related charges.
  • Cost Effective.  Our structure gives us the ability to focus on your legal problem and not how we are going to get paid.
  • Bail.  Most California courts allow a traffic ticket to be fought without having to post bail.

Fight Traffic Tickets

We fight all infraction tickets under the California Vehicle Code including:

Speeding Tickets

  • § 22348(b) VC - Speed Over 100 MPH
  • § 22349 VC - Speed Over 65 MPH
  • § 22350 VC - Basic Speed Law
  • § 22356 VC - Speed Over 70 MPH

Stop Lights - Photo Camera - Stop Sign

  • § 21453 VC - Stop Light
  • § 21453(a) VC - Right/Straight Photo Red Light
  • § 21453(c) VC - Left Photo Red Light
  • § 22450 VC - Stop Sign
  • § 40508 VC - Failure to Appear or Pay
  • § 27315 VC - Seat Belt
  • § 21461 VC - Violation of Signs
  • § 21658(a) VC - Unsafe Lane Change
  • § 23123 VC - Talking on Cell Phone
  • § 21806 VC - Failure to Yield
  • § 21809 VC - Failure to Move Over
  • § 16028 VC - No Proof of Insurance

Criminal Defense 

We defend misdemeanor charges under the Vehicle Code, including:

  • § 23103 - Reckless Driving
  • § 23109 - Speed Contests & Exhibitions of Speed
  • § 23152 - Drunk Driving (DUI/DWI)

We guarantee you won't find a better more cost effective service out there. Our fees are flat rate and you know the total cost before hiring us.

The bad news is you got a ticket. Don't make it worse, call an attorney at California Ticket King now to preserve your most valuable asset - your driver's license. We promise to give you honest answers without oppressive sales tactics. You will not be pushed into hiring our firm.